Plagiarism policy

The journal Culture and Arts in the Modern World strives to publish only original materials, that is, materials that have not been published elsewhere. All manuscripts submitted for publication are checked using the online service “UNICHECK” and the Strike Plagiarism service.

Plagiarism before publication

The journal Culture and Arts in the Modern World will judge any case of plagiarism on its own merits. If plagiarism is detected, either by the editors, peer reviewers or editorial staff at any stage before publication of a manuscript – before or after acceptance, during editing or at page proof stage, we will alert the author(s), asking her or him to either rewrite the text or quote the text exactly and to cite the original source. If the plagiarism is extensive – that is, if at least 25% of the original submission is plagiarized – the article may be rejected and the author's institution/employer notified.

Plagiarism checking policy

The manuscripts in which plagiarism is detected are handled based on the extent of plagiarism present in the manuscript: if < 25% plagiarism – the manuscript is immediately sent back to the  authors for content revision, and if > 25% plagiarism – the manuscript is rejected without editorial review. The authors are advised to revise the plagiarized parts of the manuscript and resubmit it as a fresh manuscript.

The percentage of plagiarism is calculated by software and also assessed manually.

Plagiarism after publication

If plagiarism is detected after publication, the Journal will conduct an investigation. If plagiarism is found, the journal editorial office will contact the author's institute and funding agencies. The paper containing the plagiarism will be marked on each page of the PDF. Depending on the extent of the plagiarism, the paper may also be formally retracted.

Duplicate and redundant publication

Duplicate publication occurs when a manuscript or significant parts of it are published by the authors more than once in Ukrainian or other languages without providing the appropriate cross-references and justifications.

Authors should not submit manuscripts that fully or partially duplicate previously published research. Submitting one manuscript to multiple journals simultaneously is unacceptable.

Authors should inform the editor of any manuscript submissions that may be considered as prior or duplicate publication.

Text Recycling or Self-Plagiarism

Text recycling or self-plagiarism occurs when authors reuse portions of text from their own publications without proper attribution. When evaluating the acceptability of reusing text in the submitted manuscript, the Journal will follow the COPE guidelines

In particular, the following will be considered:

  • How much text recycled
  • Where in the article the text recycling occurs
  • Whether the source of the recycled text has been acknowledged
  • Whether the article is a research or non-research article
  • Whether there is a breach of copyright

If text recycling is deemed unacceptable, the submitted manuscript may be rejected.