Aims and Scope

The aim of the journal Culture and Arts in the Modern World is to provide high-quality coverage of topical issues of the theory and history of Ukrainian and world culture, theoretical and creative problems of art development in modern conditions.

It is aimed at everyone interested in new trends in the field of culture and art.

Culture and Arts in the Modern World publishes reviews, original research, case studies on cultural studies, theory and history of Ukrainian and world culture, problems of art history, visual and performing arts, study and preservation of cultural heritage, museum and monument studies, philosophy of culture, intercultural communications in the modern world, linguo-cultural studies, everyday life culture, mass culture, socio-cultural activities. The articles integrate approaches from social sciences, humanities and other related sciences.

Main sections:

  • Theory and history of culture;
  • Actual problems of artistic culture;
  • Design;
  • Audiovisual arts.

The Reviews section contains reviews of new books published in Ukrainian and other languages.

Peer-review policy: The journal is peer-reviewed (“double-blind”). Manuscripts submitted to this journal are subject to editorial review and peer review by anonymous reviewers.

The journal does not advertise individuals, institutions or products.